„NJC revises the recommendations and decisions adopted by the President of
NOJ, and may initiate at the President of NOJ to propose legislation concerning
the courts.”


The legislator provided to the President of NOJ the right to submit proposals for legislation
concerning the courts to those who are entitled to initiate legislation, and the right to review draft legislature concerning the courts [Points d) and e) of paragraph (1) of Article 76 of Act CLXI of 2011], nevertheless NJC can request from the President of NOJ to propose legislation if it deems necessary. Although this way NJC does not have a direct right to submit proposals, the Minister of Justice also attends the meetings of NJC in a consultative capacity, thus the legislative proposals and the remarks related to them can be brought forward directly. [Point b) of paragraph (1) of Article 103 of Act CLXI of 2011]

The President of NOJ has the right to draw up, as normative instructions, all mandatory rules and regulations applicable to courts and adopt recommendations and decisions in order to perform his/her administrative tasks. NJC exercises control over this power by expressing its opinions on the rules and recommendations issued by the President of NOJ. [Point c) of paragraph (1) of Article 103of Act CLXI of 2011]