The Service Court and judicial ethics


 „NJC adopts the Code of Ethics of judges, appoints the president of the Service
Court and its members, approves the rules of procedures of the Service Court and
its annual report.”


Due to the judicial independence guaranteed by the Fundamental Law of Hungary, the disciplinary liability of the judges can only be decided by a service court with competent jurisdiction. In relation to this, Service courts additionally decide on disputes concerning damages and violations of personnel rights, as well as disputes arising from the evaluation of the professional and managerial work of judges. The Service court of first instance is operating under the Budapest Court of Appeal; the Service Court of second instance is operating under the Curia. The President of the Service Court is a judge of the Curia, and the members are appointed by NJC from judges working in the jurisdiction of the Curia, the Court of Appeals and the courts recommended by the full court of the Curia, and the Full panel of judges of the Court of Appeal and the courts. [Article 101-104/B of Act CLXII of 2011, Points d) and e) of paragraph (1), and point g) of paragraph (3) of Article 103 of Act CLXI of 2011]