Office of NJO


„The Office of NJO performs the administrative tasks of NJO, the assistance of the work of NJO members, documentation management and the full documentation of the work of NJO.”



Physically the Office of NJC is located in the building of NJO and its operation is performed by NJO. Between 2012 and 2018 the judge assigned to the NJC served as the leader of the Office of NJO, with the title of head of the department. In 2018 the President of NJO did not make a new office manager available, then in April 2018, the modified Organisational and Operational Procedures declared that the office is managed by the member of NJC nominated for 2 years. The administrative personnel consisting of one person is provided by NJO.

The most important task of the Office of NJC is the preparation of meetings and at the same time, it publishes the necessary documents (agenda, summaries, resolutions). The office manager of the Office of NJC checks the complaints and submissions sent to and received by NJC.

Although NJC does not perform judicial activities, does not participate in the professional and local administrative activities of courts and its competence covers the control of the central administration of courts, NJC still receives a lot of questions, requests, complaints related to court cases. The Office of NJC forwards these submissions to the competent person or body and provides information to the applicant regarding where he/she can turn to with the submission.